Who we are

Right from the start there was love, passion for materials and the dream of sharing it and telling it to others.

It was 1952, Mario Provasoli opened one of the first Italian fabric shops in Turin.
Since that day, drapes and fabrics have adorned a long journey.
Provasoli today deals with the sale of fabrics and the creation of bespoke suits made starting from the desire of anyone who crosses the door of the shop in Via Mazzini 10.
Yarns from all over the world, worked by expert professionals.
The love has expanded, continues and is shown in the attention to research and the quality of materials. But not only.

Provasoli takes care of people and the world that surrounds them through the choice of made in Italy fabrics, capable of lasting over time both in terms of consistency and elegance.

The gaze is focused on the customer, on his daily life. Having a made-to-measure suit, deciding on every detail right from the early stages of manufacturing, means telling your own story without neglecting any of those characteristics that make us unique.

A dedicated personal shopper will assist you to make the most of your purchase, just click on the whatsapp icon.

Thanks to the advice of one of our experts, you will receive information, descriptions and advice on all our products.